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First, I would love to thank you for looking at the site and, I hope, you bought my first book, Tazeric. I came up with the idea of the book a few years ago. I love to play Pathfinder, D @ D and read fantasy adventure book, so, basically, I’m a nerd that loves dragons and magic.

I remember watching Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring, when it was, basically a cartoon. I was just a kid, but it had a huge impact on my life. I started to read the Dragonlance series. Next I moved on to Ann McCaffrey and Don McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern. Between these books I read Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles just to feed my mind newer books and different genres. I got into military fiction by reading Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, Stephen Coonts and many more.

I love to read. I have read most of the Hunter S. Thompson’s great Fear and Loathing novels as well as Chusk Palahniuk’s Fight Club, Choke, Lullaby.

Now I’m crushing on Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra Archives, main character, Kaylin Neya. I love this character. Pactrick Rothfuss, Kingkiller Chronicle shown me that words can be formed into art. The last author that I would love to mention is Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files series. There are so many more books that I would love to write about and their fantastic authors.

I think that reading so many different genres, it helped me form a well rounded idea on how to write my own book. In theory.

I thank you for reading this.

J.W. Berwyn

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