Jamie Aughenbaugh editor

Jamie came on broad with Tazeric and has changed the story for the better. We found each other on Facebook when I was ranting about editors and how I need to change my first book, Tazeric, Sword of Light and Dark. We emailed and I sent her a few chapters. She sent me back those chapters with suggestions. Jamie’s suggestions where spot on!

I am blessed to have a positive, motivated, and receptive editor board with this and hopefully other projects. We Zoom every other week and talk run ideas back and forth, brainstorm and just talk about the book and life. If she or I have questions about Tazeric, we email and she responds quickly.

As I said, I am blessed to have someone like Jamie on board with Tazeric, book 1 and soon book 2.

Her website is: http://www.rewrittenllc.com

Please visit her website and hit her up if you are looking for your next editor.

Thank you,


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