Writing, My Hand, Book 2 and Bread

I love to write about, well, everything. When I was the young age of 45, I finally sat down and got serious about writing. What did I do? I went out and bought a few notebooks and a 10 pack of pens and just started to put down on paper what was in my head. This was the birth of Zenith, Nami and all the others in my first book, Tazeric, sword of light and dark. I saved up, (I had a job that did not pay much) $250 bucks and found a used computer on Amazon and bought it. Let me tell you, using a computer is a hell of a lot easier to make corrections on than in a notebook.

So I started to form a book. It took me two years to be were I was confident enough to send my draft to a beta reader. My beta reader was gracious and kind in her critique and gave me very insightful feedback. I was excited about my first book and soon decided to publish. It was later on that I started to find misspelled words, terrible grammar and over all, I was embarrassed by the book.

I took the hit on my book and decided to do something about it.

I grew up playing sports. I played sport through high school and college. What I learned about from sports was that you will mess up, you will miss a block, you will strike out with the bases loaded, you will shank a goal, you will get pinned in the final round. It’s life, it’s sports and it’s writing. The individual is not measured by what he/she does when they succeed, but how they handle failure.

As I said, I love writing.

So I took a hard look at my book, found a wonderful editor, Jamie, and got up, dusted myself off, got back into the game. Do not measure a game in wins and loses, it’s how you feel when the game is over. I have lost a game but thought I played well and was happy with my performance. Writing is the same way. My first attempt was marginal at best. I felt that parts of the book shined and other parts of the book needed to be refined and polished.

This is where I am now. Jamie and I are working hard to polish the story so that we can watch it succeed. I can’t wait to see the finished product. At times like this, I love being a writer and an author.

Thank you


P.S. My hand is on the mend. The swelling has come down and it no longer itches so bad that I want to peel off the skin.

PPS. Book 2 is well under way. I’m in rough draft stage now, so about twenty more revisions and it will be done.

PPPS. I love to bake bread so I decided to back three loaves of sourdough. It calms my soul to bake.

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