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Blog 2022…Okay, something strange in going on with WordPress, but I’ll post a blog anyways.

To state the obvious, this is a yearend blog and a look forward blog all rolled up in one nice, neat little package. I have many writing goals, personal goals, professional goals to try, and I mean try, to accomplish in the 2022. (My first goal is getting over the fact that it’s f*%*ing 2022!)

First, I would like to say a big F-You to all those shows and movies that promised me a flying car in 2022. I am a huge science fiction fan and I have never seen Buck Rodges, nor his rocket in the recent years, Elon Musk doesn’t count.

So, enough playing around.

My writing goals are simple.

Publish book 2 in the Zenith Garinion series. Finish the outline and begin writing book 3. I have several side short stories/novellas that I want finish, including a love story. Blog more! I should blog once every two weeks, if not once a week. I know that all this writing will take time that I will have to fit into my schedule, but the goal of writing at least 20 minutes a day is not a bad goal to have.

Professionally, I need to be more of a writer and less of a worker drone. I know, the idealism of a young fifty-one-year-old is so naive. I do dream of a simpler life of writing for a living and not breaking my body at work.


Professionally, I would love to get my books out in the great wilderness of literary world and make a bigger impact. I’m not saying that I it has to be GOT’s impact, but why not shoot for that? I need to figure out a plan to promote myself and my books/ short stories/ novellas. I do not have the money to hire a professional company to promote my writing, but I do have family members that are excellent businesspeople.

Another professional goal is to enter more writing contests. I know that this is not a very sound goal to have, but I do like the competition and every competition gives me a deadline to shoot for. (That bring up a side writing goal, set deadlines.)

Personally, well, I’m going to dump a lot of stuff on your right now, so, get ready buttercup.

Personally, my first goal is to get my mind and body right. I know that I sound like everyone else when I say that I want to lose weight, but at fifty-one, this is a necessity, not just a want. I would like to lose at least 20 lbs (9.1 kgs). Losing weight, is not hard, keeping it the weight off is the hard part. I have lost over 80 lbs (36.4 kgs) from my heaviest point in my life. At over 330 lbs (150 kgs) I was miserable. When I started to lose weight, I was happy with my body and my mind started to clear up.

Seems strange that losing weight will help your mental health, but it’s not. What you eat/drink will directly affect your mental health. I have a terrible body image of myself, and losing weight helped that body image greatly. I still have a terrible body image of myself, but it’s getting better, slowly.

I want to get back into yoga and meditation. Preforming a Sun Salutation only takes 10 minutes on the outside and just a few minutes if I do it quickly. The benefits of doing Sun Salutations are that it gets the body moving and your mind restful. I used to do an hour of yoga three times a week. I got away from that and my body feels it.

Meditation is not only good for your mind, but it’s great for your body. Finding a restful mind, a peaceful body, a quiet place to just clear my mind and think of nothing except for the mantra that I’m chanting over and over is something else. When I was doing yoga, the instructor would bring in a crystal bowl for our meditation session after yoga. She used a wooden dowl, genially use the dowl to create sounds from the crystal bowl that was both peaceful and powerful. The calming waves to sounds would race through my body, setting my mind into a peaceful state.

I want that again.

Other personal goals are pretty mundane: get a girlfriend, get friends, don’t kill myself with working 90+ hours every pay period, and be a better human.

The last goal is the hardest: Be a better human.

Being a better human encompasses a lot in a short sentence. Being more understanding, kind, accepting, giving, are all goals that are under the umbrella of being a better human. I think when I get my mind and body going in the right direction, many other goals will fall into place.

“Expect nothing, accept everything.” – Gary John Bishop

This is a quote that I need to live by to help me find that accepting, peaceful place.

Thank you all for reading this.

Let’s have a great 2022.

Be safe, be wise and be kind.

J.W. Berwyn

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  1. Good luck with your goals, John! Yoga and meditation are fantastic; I can’t go a day without them. 😊


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