Life is weird.

It just came out that Bob Saget, a famous comedian died in his hotel room from head trauma. He was alone, or so the papers informed us. How many mysteries have been written with this same plot line? Many of these books involve politicians, some form of royalty, a famous actor/actress/singer/model, and so on have the same plot line as an opening for a crime/mystery thriller? But Bob was a real human being, and he was funny as hell!

The last president, (Whom I shell not name, but he had this weird orange tent to him and really small hands) seemed to be a puppet of the Kremlin, loved tyrannical leaders, walked out of press interviews when the questions got too hard for him, and seems to have a cult like following. This is not a book; this is real shit people! This orange man will go down as the worst president ever because he allowed a pandemic to run wild while floating every conspiracy theory out there while, at the same time, completely ignoring the science! President Tiny Hands, he held the options of non-medical experts on Facebook over his actual medical experts from the WHO, the CDC, and just about every major university on the planet. WTF, this is real life!

The world is heating up and the United States is not helping. Fact. Why is the US, the richest country in the world thumbing its nose at the Mother Earth? Money, simply put, money. The oil, coal, natural gas companies cannot be bothered to see the forest of Global Warming through the burning trees. Florida and most of the Gulf Coast will be underwater in the next ten to twenty years if we do not reverse the rate of warming now, and not ten years from now. I mean, a global crisis, evil oil/coal/gas companies polluting the air, ground water, and causing the world to die! That’s one hell of a fictional book, if it was not real fu*&ing life!

As a writer, my head is spinning everyday with new and frightening books that I could write just from the tweets, headlines, news breaks happening every day! Holy crappol, this is an awesome time to be a writer. So much material that is falling out of the sky and onto outlines and screens. There are thousands of stories that we writers can create a book about, racism and anti-vaxxers, bad cops, corrupt politicians, protests over social/racial/religious issues, and so many more issues and injustices happening in the US today. Hell, look at Florida if you ever want a blueprint to write a book about a Southern corrupt, completely lunatic governor who doesn’t give a sh!t about the citizen of his state and only cares about his political ambitions. This is real life!

Qnon is a treasure trove of crazy ass conspiracy theories that even writers are like, “That shit is crazy.” Jewish space lasers orbiting the moon causing forest fires in the Western US. Lizard people, birds are not real-they are drones. Cannibal politicians running sex trafficking rings out of pizza parlors. Dead politicians coming back to life to run the US. Elections being stolen by doppelgangers who voted twice. Seriously, this is the real-life stuff Qnon actually puts out there every day! Who needs fiction when material like this if just floating around out there!

Real life is so fu*&ing weird! I want to write a book about Bigfoot hunting down hunters who, for whatever reason, the big hairy guy is pissed off at them. It’s been done. There are real life accounts of this actually happening. UFO’s, been there, done that. Time travel, interdimensional travel: whatever, it’s so yesterday.

The strangeness has not yet leapt to flying cars, but I’m sure we will be there soon. I want my flying car that George Jetson promised me! Dragons, griffins, wyverns, and other mythical creatures are still open game from fantasy writers, but for how long?

Real life is so much stranger than fiction, and it’s getting weirder every day.

Thank you for reading this,

J.W. Berwyn.

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