About the Language

When I started this book/ project, I wanted to try and make the world that I created deeper, greater than I could by just using standard academician language. I wanted the voices of the characters to be representative of their upbringings and their culture.

Living in California, there are so many new words that come out of this state every year that it’s impossible to keep up. Living in the United States, I can go to the southern parts of this country and find local and regional dialects differ greatly then what I can find if I go to the Northeast.

I asked myself, why would it not be the same in my world?

I pulled from my own heritage, the Scottish side, and started to write like they were from Scotland. I hope that I did the language right. I also made up words like “Dobbie”, and phases like “Diver and Lily”.

It was a challenge to keep true to the Scottish language. I will let you all in on a secret, it was a hell of a lot of fun doing it. It made my writing bloom. I loved the challenge of maintaining the true nature of the language and the characters at the same time.

I really do thank you for visiting my website and reading my book, Tazeric, the Sword of Light and Dark.

J.W. Berwyn

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