A picture is worth a thousand words,

Henrik Ibsen wrote this in 1913 as an advertisement in a newspaper. The original wording was, “”A thousand words leave not the same impression as does a single deed.”

Why, you may ask did I lead this blog with these words? Well, glad you asked. I use pictures that I usually find on Pinterest to help with my writing.

What can I do with different pictures? Another great question. Not only can get an idea to what an character looks like, but you can se how they move, what kind of facial expressions they make during a fight. Pictures can bring a character to life by showing the author different aspects of their body, face and even hair.

When you look at a picture, what do you see? Take this picture.

What I see is an elven warrior being asked a question by her captain.

Lets go deeper. I have a series of questions that I feel out for every character in my book. I always place the character’s image and weapon above this information. My information sheet is this, 18 questions. i want to have fun and feel out these questions.

Name/ Nickname: Aredhel Treewalker

Ethnicity: Elf

Height: 5′ 6″ (167.6 cm)

Age/ Birthday/ Zodiac Sign: 75 (young for an elf in my world) , Nov. 3, Scorpio

Personality Type: Playful, mischievous, serous when on a hunt or in battle

Eye Color: Sky blue

Hair Color/ Length/ Style: Dirty blonde with more brunette then blonde, lower back length, straight often braded.

Facial Features: Then face, angular chin, button nose, small ears, lightly tanned skin

Body Type/ Skin Tone: slinder, toned, built like a runner

Tattoos: (Here you can have fun) Small runes on her hands and arms imbued with wind magic to help with accuracy and distance.

Fitness Level: long distance runner fit

Background: (Have fun here)

Occupation: Scout, archer

Clothing Style: Tan leathers, leather armor

Shoes: Soft boots made for climbing and walking quietly through the forest

Hobbies: Carving, collecting herbs for potions, cooking

Weapon of choice: Bow / dagger

Sexual Preference/ Relationship Status/ Romantic Interest: (Have fun here too)

As you see, I am developing character traits, personality, background and forming a mental picture in my mind of how a character should move, work, and fight. You can build your character from the ground up with a little bit of work and some imagination. If you want her to have magic, all a line for it. Spells, do a spell sheet. You, as a writer can take your character in a thousand different direction with just one picture.

Thank you,


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