Hands and Allergic Reactions


The last four days have not been that kind to me. I work in a grocery store. I am a meat cutter, butcher of sorts, and we work closely with the Seafood department. On Thursday, I helped a customer with a seafood order that involved shellfish. I am allergic to shellfish but I do wear gloves and take all the precautions I can take. But something happened and I went through 3 days of calling off work, a swollen, bumpy, itchy hand and feeling like blah.

My hand looked gnarly for those three days. I have been taking steroids’ and Benadryl. I also have a cream for my hand to keep the itchiness down to a bearable level. What did I learn? I learned that nothing is ever safe in life. I learned that I need to use my head and not handle things that I’m allergic too (Shellfish and Melon). I learned that when I can’t write for days, I become a little depressed.

But all in is on the up swing. I feel better, my hand looks much better and I’m writing again.

Tapadh leat (Scottish/Gaelic for Thank you)


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